Your Trance Radio has become a real reference

Trance music, which emerged in the 1990s between Germany and Italy, in the same line as London’s Acid House, is a well-defined, rather high-pitched style of music, but with a BPM of between 125 and 160 BPM.

The founding piece of this musical movement is Italian. It is called Age of Love, created by the eponymous group composed of Bruno Sanchioni and Giuseppe Cherchia, better known as the Pino d’Angiò scene. It is therefore not surprising that Your Trance Radio was created by one of their compatriots, Gabriele Stefanini, who launched this Radionomy project in September 2015.

Since then, success has not wavered. “Our goal is to bring this music, which carries a lot of energy, to the world,” he explains. I also wanted to create a program with the music that fascinates me, and that’s the case. Trance is not only a sound, but it is also art, a colorful universe, it is freedom. We are music lovers,” he concludes as a slogan for his radio station, which, particularly through its Top 40 Weeklys, has become a real reference.