Year-end audience: don’t panic!

Does your audience decrease as the holidays approach? Does that worry you? Don’t panic: Christmas and New Years Day are traditionally a relatively low listening period for our web radios. This should not affect your confidence. But let’s take a closer look at the causesof this overall decrease in the audience around Christmas.

  1. It is a holiday period for everyone and over a very precise period of time.

A holiday inevitably means that the habits of your listeners change and therefore reducing the audience. In addition, these holidays are concentrated within a very short period of time, which means that everyone takes time off at the same time (unlike summer holidays, which are taken over a much longer period in July and August).

2. A family holiday

The holidays at the end of the year are very family oriented and therefore not very conducive to listening to a music web radio often considered to be a solitary activity. It is a fact, the more your listeners get together as a family, the less they will have the reflex to connect to the radio that usually accompanies them throughout the year.

3. A truce that does not call anything into question

Don’t worry, as soon as this famous truce of candy makers is over, your listeners will come back to you at the very beginning of January. If they listen less to their web radio at the end of December, it does not mean that at the beginning of the year, they will not come back to you. Quite the contrary! There’s no reason they can’t get back into their (good) habits!