With Instagram we create a “radio by images”

Today, we met Nabile Mezaour, the Community Manager of CinéMaRadio. The objective? To better understand the Instagram strategy for this web radio station. “Nabile has been with the CinéMaRadio team for six months to bring social networks to life and develop our general communication. Since he’s been with us there’s been a there’s been a clear difference of before and after! CinéMaRadio has really evolved thanks to social networks, and our link with the community of auditors has been really strengthened,” says Florent Mounier, CinéMaradio’s founder and director, in the introduction.

Hello Nabile, what objective is CinéMaRadio pursuing with Instagram?

Like all the social networks we are on, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, our objective with Instagram focuses on developing the brand, the product which is the cinema podcast, and the main website with the CinéMaRadio web radio.

What do you post on Instagram?

Instagram has its own language, its own functioning, its own networks… And CinéMaRadio relies on these foundations to develop a kind of “radio by image”, a radio that we listen to while watching it. We, therefore, post photographs of films and series, news of stars, always in connection with radio programs and film podcasts. The frequency of posts will, therefore, vary according to current events, but also to the relevance that there may be in the context of information relayed with Facebook and Twitter, which are very active. Recently, the communication campaign has found its place on Instagram. It’s essential because it is very visual.

En quoi Instagram est un réseau efficace pour CinéMaradio ?

The development potential still seems high, doesn’t it?

The CinéMaRadio account is only eight months old; this means that it tends to develop positively, and there are some great surprises to come. The Instagram community is very active; they react well to publications. But we also work a lot on Twitter and Facebook. On the latter, we have a CinemaRadio Page, on which we publish podcasts, film music, games, news, film and series quotations, and a group, “Le podcast cinéma”, on which we mainly publish podcasts. On each social network, hashtags are chosen, weighed, created, even if their use is not the same.

How is Instagram an effective network for CinéMaradio?

The collective cinematographic consciousness is very powerful, very unifying. And we have the chance to develop a radio whose theme is aesthetically attractive, with all the imagination, fantasy, the dream that cinema, the universe of shows, the stars… Yes, in this sense CinemaMaRadio is particularly well positioned to develop on Instagram.


How effective are social networks for audience development?

Simply because today, more than 60% of the audience comes from social networks. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest (soon), contribute to this development. Since our accounts opened, not only have podcast listens increased, but also the number of visitors to the site and ultimately, the use of the Radionomy player. Better days are yet to come.