White Fox celebrates its 10th anniversary on Radionomy

Imagine Dragons, Walk The Moon or Alice On The Roof are among the iconic artists that can be heard on White Fox, a radio station created 10 years ago on Radionomy, that specializes in pop/rock/indie. The recipe is still working and the auditors are still there in 2018! We met Luc, an engineer, and father of three children, who manages this radio station from Aix-en-Provence.

Hello Luc, how did you hear about Radionomy?

I discovered Radionomy more than 10 years ago while surfing the web in search of innovative music sites. At the time, the service had just been launched and a cover letter was required to have the right to create a radio on the platform!
I created White Fox Radio in 2008 only for pleasure at first. I was tired of the repetitive programs and the constant interventions of FM radio presenters, I wanted to create my own radio. And then I got caught up in the game, gradually began to communicate and seek partnerships so that the radio would become known and the audience would grow. I also wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to continue my search for new talent and independent groups that do not necessarily have the notoriety or visibility to go into traditional FM radio. Hence the rather diverse and eclectic pop-rock-indie program. As for the name, it is based on the name of a guild (the White Fox Company!) created in an online game that I then kept when I created the radio…

Would you have created this radio if Radionomy hadn’t existed?

No, I don’t think so, simply because Radionomy was (and remains) free. Furthermore, the tools provided at the time (the radio manager, before the RMO) were already very user-friendly.

Luc created White Fox Radio in 2008. Since then, the passion has always been there!

This pop / rock / Indie niche is however quite common in webradio…

Yes, it is a particularly competitive niche and difficult to keep, but it is the most historic one, and despite the ups and downs, the audience is still there. Obviously, since the creation, even if I stayed in this niche, the style has evolved over time, with more and more electro-pop.

How do you arrange the programming?

Concerning the program, I alternate recent bins (indie pop / electro) with older (even “mythical”) pop-rock / classic rock bins and alternative bins by also regularly inserting independent bands. Finally, I have set myself a golden rule: be as versatile as possible to avoid boredom! Therefore, I have set broadcasting constraints of at least 1 hour for the rehearsal of a group/artist, and on average 3 to 4 hours for the same title.

How much time do you spend managing your radio every week?

I spent a lot of time (several hours a day, or rather at night!) at the beginning in order to complete the program, the style, the choice of titles and the balance of the broadcast. But now, we’re going to say that I’m going at a “cruising” pace, and in general, I spend less than an hour a day to follow the audience, generate the schedules, look for new releases…

Thank you Luc and… see you in ten years!