Vernon Holloman’s 16 radios

Here’s a producer who’s not afraid of the work! Vernon Holloman manages 16 radio stations on Radionomy. Various programs ranging from recent hits to oldies, bluegrass, celtic, classick rock, motown etc….

“My first radio station created on Radionomy was Jazz with Vernon Holloman in 2015.” A radio station that still exists and that broadcasts a highly specialized jazz program. And for good reason, Vernon Holloman, a 1978 graduate of Berklee College of music in Boston, is a professional musician who still performs in southeast Virginia, near Virginia Beach.

I have 16 Channels in 16 different genres because radio listeners “only like what they like”. In the car, most listeners have their car radio tuned to one station and that’s what they listen to. “It’s difficult to break old habits. Don’t expect a “Country” listener to start listening to “Heavy Metal Rock.”

Vernon is convinced that you can’t succeed in your web radio venture without a “professional approach. If you do this just for fun or to impress your friends, you won’t get far.”

“We work in a highly competitive broadcasting world. There are lots of choices for listeners to choose from. Our channels are just another on a very long list. As in all businesses you must promote extensively.” 

To do this, Vernon uses a truck that allows it to broadcast from a mobile station. Tents, banners, tables, sound system… It’s all here. A small advertisement that allows Vernon to set up win-win partnerships (and neutral in terms of the budget with different events that he promotes in exchange for the possibility of setting up on site.)

This jazz musician who is passionate about radio believes in music and its diversity. “Populating your station with music is fundamentally important. You’re going to need thousands of tracks in the specific genre. Too little and you’re going to have repetition that’s going to annoy your listeners. I also try to keep “talk”, “noise” and other “interruptions” to a minimum, unless that’s what you want.”

At 62 years old, Vernon Holloman is not done producing beautiful radios!

Vernon Holloman and his wife Cathy