Understanding your clock stats !

Would you like to  better understand the composition of your clocks ? The Stats tab in clocks, is not often used, even though it gives the user a lot of information.

It indicates :

The average duration of your clock (therefore how many times it was broadcast per hour)

The number of times a track was broadcast in each music box.

The average duration of tracks in each music box.

The average broadcast of each music box or stream per hour.

These figures are very interestng, they allow you to take a look at the  proportions in which each music box is being braodcast, you can therefore vary the program according to your expecations.

Below you will find an example of a classical music radio clock. We can see that this clock lasted 2h04.

We can clearly see that what the average duration per hour of each music box (and therefore each sub-category of classical music.)

For example per hour on this radio there is : 7min 08sec of Symphony, 10min 25sec of concertos and only 1min 58sec of opera.

Very interesting information you can use in order to modify the duration of certain music boxes per hour.


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