Too old for the new rap: rap purists will love it!

We met Rezo who lives in Brittany, France. This musician (beatmaker) is 41 years old. His radio is dedicated to all those who have a certain idea of rap, far from the evolutions of recent years. The interview.

Why did you create Too old for the new rap?

To fill a personal void first. So it’s very selfish! For 20 years I hosted a hip hop show on a radio station in Brittany (canalb), 4 hours of live coverage every Saturday. The show stopped and I needed to continue to transmit my love for hip hop culture.

But the second reason is that I think that, in this culture, a certain age group no longer recognizes itself in what is being done now. Radio, “Too old for the new rap” is not a kind of nostalgic radio. There is a lot of new rap music that meets the criteria of rap that we loved 10 or 15 years ago.

Hip Hop culture has undergone many changes since its inception in the late 1970s. At the moment, a very “Hip Pop Trap” vibration is in permanent rotation on all media. I come from the Boombap culture. Which is the very essence of the culture? So yes “I’m too old for the new rap” but there are still a lot of new things in the bap boom! So I put it on the radio.

When did you create this radio?

Two months ago now. I could have tried to add my knowledge and network to it, but I did it quite anonymously, thinking that I’d like to see if it would work without calling the family. I opened a Facebook page, I also listed the radio page on the web radio referencing sites. I had known Radionomy for years, with very specific tastes.I quickly became interested in niche radios to find answers to my tastes as a listener first.

How do you arrange the line-up?

In addition to the great cultural classics of the 95/2005 era, which have their regular time slots, there are at least 30 minutes dedicated to novelty every 2 hours or so. I try to keep coherence and balance between the main theme of radio and news integration.nterested in niche radios to find answers to my tastes as a listener first.

Do you often add new tracks? How do you choose them?

Yes, I add some on a nearly daily basis. Being in the studio all day long, I surf a lot on American specialized sites, I listen to the latest news every morning.  During the conception, I spent a lot of time on the creation of the standard grid, on the choice of the pieces. Between the 5000 records, I have at home and the new ones to put in! For the first week, I was a real geek! Since then, let’s say that I manage the trays for one hour a day. My page is still open on my computer, if I come across a great piece, it will take me 3 minutes to slide it into the bin and give it the desired rotation.

Thank you, Rezo, congratulations on your original project and long life to your radio!