TO Dance Station: dance for… thirty-year-olds!

The Other Dance Station is aimed at an audience a little older than the usual radio stations broadcasting this musical genre. This is the concept conceived by Hans, its creator.

“I have been looking for a dance radio that suits my tastes for a long time,” explains Hans, who created on September 2, 2011, a radio that brings together the greatest dance hits of the last 30 years. “It’s the same mix that is broadcast 24/7,” he adds, “so that you can listen to the same program anytime and anywhere on the planet.

“The playlist is extensive with few repetitions. A fast-moving track is played at most once every ten hours. You can spend a whole day listening to the radio without hearing the same title twice. On many FM radios, the same titles come back every three hours. TO Dance Station is an alternative: no talk, no jingles, just dance! »

Hans’ advice to other producers:

  • Broadcast a musical genre you like
  • Be original! Do not copy the other radios. Take risks in programming to stand out and surprise your listeners.
  • Listen to your radio and be very critical! Ask yourself: do my listeners really want to hear this track?

Advice whose implementation will only be beneficial to all producers.