Three successful years for Hard Rock 80s

This web radio broadcasts, as its name suggests, an extensive rock playlist from the 80s, a glorious and prosperous era for hard rock and metal. Gustavo looks back at the three years of success of this radio station.

Hello Gustavo, why did you create Hard Rock 80s?

I have always wanted to choose musical titles that can be appreciated by others. The rock scene of the 80s was very rich, and many bands had talent, but without reaching a great success, because they hadn’t composed any hits. It must also be said that there were so many groups that there was a real saturation. This radio station brings together the good songs of these unknown groups but also the great hits of the time. Since radio mainly broadcasts rock/AOR/metal songs from the 80s, the name of the radio came naturally when the radio was created three years ago.

How do you explain these three successful years?

In HardRock80s we have songs from more than 300 different bands, some of them very unknown by the “typical” rock fan. So I think that, like me, the listeners of this Radio are searching for diversity, but keeping the songs quality at a high level.

Do you have any advice for producers?

First of all, I think you have to be tenacious and patient when you are a web radio producer. I created two front 80s hard rack radios that didn’t catch the public’s attention. It is then necessary to be constant and consistent over the days in the programming, so as not to confuse the listener. Finally, we really need to work on the diversity of titles and artists. Listeners who only like one band buy/download an album directly.

How do you promote your radio?

I have worked on the presence of radio on many sites and applications dedicated to the same musical niche. From the first week of broadcast, most listeners came thanks to the iPhone and Android applications.

Thank you, Gustavo!