Three reasons not to misuse jingles!

They are essential for building your radio’s identity. Your radio, to stand out, cannot do without it. And yet, jingle abuse is not necessarily good for the health of your station. Jingles too long, too frequent, too repetitive, there can be many reasons for listeners to stay away from your station. It is obvious: jingles must be much less frequent on a web radio than on a traditional FM radio for three reasons:

The auditor has already chosen you

A jingle is used to announce a radio, to say to a listener who has just zapped, a little randomly: “You are well on Nostalgia, Europe 1 or Nova”. Concerning web radios, it’s different, the listener deliberately chose to connect to your radio, he didn’t automatically switch to the FM band. In other words, he already knows which radio he is listening to. And if it is good to remind him that his choice is the right one, there is no need to hammer it too often.

Web radio must be different from FM!

Few FM radios have two musical titles in succession without the name of the radio being mentioned on the air at the very least. In web radio, the absence of jingles between two tracks is absolutely not annoying. On the contrary, it creates a particular antenna tone that the listener will remember. Differentiating from FM therefore also requires less use of jingles.

You shouldn’t overdo the good things

Making a perfect jingle is very difficult, even if you have a good microphone, a good voice, and you have a perfect command of Audacity. So do a few jingles but make successful jingles! It is better to have 5 jingles well tied up than 25 jingles badly tinkered with. But if you have a few jingles, don’t overuse them! Sprinkle your musical program with it in small doses, it will already be more than enough. If you use your jingles too often, however successful they may be, you may tire your listeners’ ears.