Three ideas to prepare Christmas at the last minute on your radio

Christmas is in… five days! And you may not have prepared any special programs on this topic for your web radio. It’s no big deal, here are three very simple ideas to make your web radio Christmas a success at the last minute.

  1. Compose and program a special Christmas music box

Whatever the musical style of your radio, you will be able to find tracks (about ten will be enough) that are related to Christmas. Rock, pop, jazz,… most genres offer some tracks related to the Christmas holidays. Simply type on Google the names of the artists you broadcast the most along with the word Christmas, you will see that you will get results quickly. All you have to do is put them in a music box and schedule it for December 24 and 25.

2. Make at least one special Christmas jingle

“Happiness Radio wishes you happy holidays” If you only have one jingle (and that may be enough) to do for the holidays, use a simple and effective sentence to get the message across. The important thing is that your listeners understand that you are accompanying them at this time.

3. Use social networks

To communicate directly with your listeners, social networks are essential at the end of the year, especially Facebook and Instagram. Revamp your radio’s logo in Christmas mode, with garlands and a tree and post this visual! You will see that this will generate a lot of commitment from your fans. It is effective and it keeps you in touch with your listeners even if they tend to listen less at this time of year.