Three good reasons to listen to your radio regularly

This advice is simple but as the producer listening regularly to your radio is essential. This may seem obvious, yet as time goes by we tend to forget to listen to our own radio since it essentially plays on its own through its renewable schedule.

1.To spot irregularities

The old jingle which you may have thought you took out or that ad; why is it still programmed? Why is my extro-ad not the one I thought it was?

It’s only by listening to your radio that you will be able to realize if there are irregularities, especially those that only you can spot. The hazards of the music box programming, the clocks, and the day templates make it so that what is programmed is not always what you think it is. Even an informed eye isn’t enough to check everything. A long and good listen can allow you to really correct the errors.

2. Put yourself in the listener’s shoes to detect the strong and weak points

Once you’ve gotten rid of the anomalies (if you’ve even found some), you will be able to concentrate on deeper subjects. Do the tracks that I just listened to belong in this playlist? Are these jingles outdated? Are these hourly ticks necessary? Should I adapt my program according to the season, the time, or current affairs? Only a rather long listen will allow you to refine your program and improve the quality of your radio.

 3. Generate additional listeners

It is quite simple but quite obvious: listening to your own radio will allow you to gain a few hours of additional listens! Very interesting if your radio is borderline on a decisive level.