Three good reasons to invest in custom windscreens for your microphones

The microphone windscreen, this small foam case that surrounds it, is not only used to protect your sound recorder from the wind, it also allows you to display your radio’s logo. Very useful, and here is why:

  •     Your microphone becomes perfectly identifiable by the person you are interviewing. There’s nothing worse than doing an interview with an anonymous microphone.
  •     This contributes to the notoriety and credibility of your radio. This positions your web radio as a “real” serious radio.
  •     Finally, it allows you to create original and unusual posts for social networks (notably Facebook and Instagram) by “staging” the microphone in the colors of your radio in the different places where you pass (tourist place, concert…).

 The cost of such an investment is often quite high (sometimes a hundred euros for a few cups) depending on the different providers such as save diffusion, Eurocom, or videopronet. But the impact in terms of images can be so effective that the investment is actually very profitable.