Third rock, NASA’s radio

Even NASA has its own radio! And it broadcasts rock! In terms of concept (check out our article; 10 essential steps to creating a successful web radio project in 2018), here is a radio that has done rather well.

Third Rock Radio, is broadcast on Shoutcast from Houston by Patrick J. Fant  (RFC Media) its considered “THE Space radio”,  America’s Space radio to be exact.

“Explore and Discover New Worlds of Music with NASA’s Third Rock Radio”, indicates the station promos. Third Rock Radio broadcasts rock’s new releases, the latest space discoveries as well as current information of ongoing missions in space; “Third rock’s audience is a mix of scientist, engineers, researchers, innovators, and astronauts, as well as students and fans of music from all over the world.” Adds Patrick J Fant he’s not only pleased with the success of his radio being on various platforms but especially with the prestige of being broadcast on the NASA app and website!

“Third Rock is designed to attract the brightest and the best and to bring young adults closer to the wonders of science, technology, engineering, and even math,” adds Patrick J Fant.  The reason it all works is that Third Rock is NOT a talk station and doesn’t “sound educational.” The information sneaks up on the audience and before anyone notices, someone learned something!  We recommend you listen up to the very depths of the universe!