The summer contest, an old idea that still works?

 For some, the summer contest is almost a “Madeleine de Proust.” Most media, from the old written press to TV and radio stations, have always offered it as a tradition.

So why not offer one on your radio in the summer of 2019? After all, social networks make it possible to promote them, and you will find a partner who will be happy, about a little promotion on your channel, to provide you with an endowment, at least a symbolic one.

 Here are some quick tips to make your radio’s summer 2019 contest a success:

  •     The level of difficulty should be medium, not too easy to suggest that everyone can win, nor too complicated, which may discourage the most significant number of participants.
  •     It must obviously be consistent with the musical theme of your radio station.
  •     It can last all summer (with one question each week for example) but should not require its participants to be from all stages of the game (this may exclude too many potential players)
  •     It must allow you to link your different media (social networks, website / application, and your audio stream)
  •     It may be intended to encourage your listeners to listen to you for a long time and at certain times (hide clues in your programming for example…)

It is up to you to set up these few tips if you want to create your summer contest. Feel free to share it with us, we will share it on this blog and on our social networks. Send us your information at