The Shop, excellent Rock music direct from Dallas!

As a rock web radio, The Shop is undeniably a sure bet. Based in Dallas Fort Worth, this web radio station has been run by Chris since 2006. First on Live365 and then Radionomy since 2016.

A host on various AM/FM stations in central and southern Texas, Chris wanted to exploit/leverage the digital radio model he has long believed in.

What’s his program? Good rock above all, tracks from yesterday and today but also entirely independent bands who contacted the station via its website The program is diverse. “The selection of music, which when executed correctly can work very well together. We are unusual in that we can go from Gerry Rafferty to Coheed and Cambria on the turn of a dime” says Chris.

What about The Shop’s audience, (fun fact the radio owes its name to a horror novel of the same name), “We’re happy we are surpassing the Radionomy required TLH number” adds Chris. While he acknowledges that social networks have been useful, he explains that he was able to gather enough listeners, “thanks to the good old word of mouth”.

It’s been 12 years that The Shop has been creating its own path. And there’s no reason for it to stop!