The little secrets of Reggae Connection

Salvatore, the producer of Reggae Connection, who has become a real reference for the reggae planet, gives us more details about his programming and the use of the RadioManager.

Hello Salvatore, can you tell us today, how many tracks are part of the Reggae Connection music database?

At the moment, I have about 1700 titles.

How are they classified?

Radio being exclusively reggae style, the titles are classified into subgenres such as reggae, ska, rocksteady, dub, live, etc….


What about the clocks?

There are a total of 10 clocks: Clock dub, Clock french, Clock master, Clock MySpace, Clock night, Clock Power Play, Clock ska, Lovers Rock, Punky ska party, Spotlight. The rotation of the clocks is done in a homogeneous way. For example, I have a master clock that is programmed mainly during the week and includes a general reggae program. Other clocks are more focused on a particular subgenre. This makes it possible to play on the emphasis of this or that sub-category. There are also clocks that allow you to highlight new releases, lesser-known artists, album releases.

How do you proceed with the Day templates?

The programming is based on two principles: the music grid of the week and the weekend grid. So there are two Day templates: Reggae Connection Info and Reggae Connection weekend (RCwe)

The Day template “Reggae Connection Info” is a program that includes all the sub-genres of reggae with information.

The Day template “RCwe” is a more targeted program, with time slots dedicated to themes. An exclusive trip to the heart of reggae every weekend.

I opted for radio without “live”, everything is programmed, planned on a two-week basis.

The RadioManager is a very complete tool, its strength is above all its simple and intuitive interface. Personally, I really think it’s perfect.

Thank you, Salvatore, for all your answers.

Thank you and big up to the whole Radionomy team!

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