The good indicators of digital audio

Digital audio advertising’s popularity is increasing; this guarantees a bright future for our webradios, those of which are marketed by Targetspot.

It is what stands out in an article published by the London-based website,, which quotes a recent survey conducted with 232 British decision makers in media agencies and brands.
84% of them say that digital audio is going to play a bigger role in their marketing strategy within the next 12 months.
What is the main reason? For 81% of people surveyed, it’s the possibility to easily reach their target audience according to various criteria (location, age, sex, professional status…), something which is not possible with traditional radio ads (AM or FM).
Now that we are able to listen to the radio in any setting; at home, in the car or at work, digital audio has a strong foundation in which the advertising market can develop for many years to come.
Digital radio is the only on-line media which is passive, (it allows the listener to do something else while he or she is listening) it also allows the listener to click on the ad of brand that he or she just listened to. This is a good reason to remain optimistic about webradio’s future.