Take advantage of the holidays to listen to your radio… and its competitors!

Summer is coming, most of us will have (a little) more free time than usual. But how can you make the most of this time available for your radio? By listening to it! Because if we inevitably spend a lot of time programming it, renewing the trays by uploading new titles, making shows or jingles, we sometimes end up forgetting the essential: we have to listen to our radio!

Do the titles follow one another well? Are the jingles coming at the right time? Is there too much or not enough? Do podcasts (news for example) integrate well with the programming? Should we have more or fewer discussions? Are there enough tracks?…. All these questions are essential to judge for yourself the quality of your radio.

Another essential aspect is to listen to the competition! Choose three other radio stations whose programming and themes seem quite similar to yours and listen to them over time. This will give you reasonable indications of what to do (or not to do) and will guide you in your next choices. You are not alone, listen to others to better distinguish yourself!