Sunrise to sunset : the “feel good radio”

Nicolas works in communications in Bordeaux. He wanted to create a radio that was pleasant to listen to from morning to evening (or from evening to morning…). Sunrise to sunset has been in existence since April 2016 and has a large following. We met Nicolas, delighted to detail the concept of his radio.

Hello Nicolas, tell us about the creation of Sunrise to Sunset?

I have always been a great consumer of music, from a very young age with dozens of records, then later on listening to the radio and its great musical diversity. The arrival of Internet radios a few years ago brought me into a new world of sound discovery, with an incredible richness of music formats and colors. Despite that, for me, as a great music zapper, the moment of the unsuitable piece that encouraged me to go and see elsewhere often came. One day I thought, why not my own program, with things I want to hear that please my ears and those of my family…

Nicolas lives in Bordeaux, “the most beautiful city in the world” according to him. Above all, he has created a very pleasant web radio station to listen to from morning to evening


Tell us more about the concept…

I chose this name in English, more international, to reach and raise awareness among the largest number of listeners. Sunrise to Sunset, from morning to evening, like a great program to listen to all day long. Thanks to Radionomy, I also created another web radio Sunset to sunrise, the little sister of the main program, this time with less soft rhythms, dance funk disco electro, to listen from evening to morning… or vice versa.

Why did you choose this musical niche?

My musical tastes are very eclectic. I don’t like everything, but I like a lot of styles in many genres. The format of Sunrise to Sunset is rather “different” while maintaining a certain coherence and a very particular nature. It’s a rather quiet music niche, especially Anglo-Saxon but not that, many songs with still remarkable melodies, often from the 70s, Brazilian music that I love, a touch of electro and French songs, a little film music, some moderately known “golds”… and especially a positive color, sunny, feel good, pleasant, which makes you travel (hence the plane logo).

Can you name some of the artists who most symbolize your musical program?

It is a difficult question, as my choices are very varied. We can sometimes hear James Taylor, Cocoon, Quantic, the Empress, Jack Johnson, Joao Gilberto, Nick Mulvey, Blossom Dearie, Kenny Rankin, Roudou, Melody Gardot or Vladimir Cosma… and it is not at all comprehensive.

How did you hear about Radionomy?

A fan of web radios, I knew Radionomy quite early on, regularly telling myself that I had to take a close look at how it all worked… and that’s it.

Would you have created this radio if Radionomy hadn’t existed?

I’m not sure, having studied the issue a little before I started. I was attracted by the incomparable free solution, then by the great ergonomics and simplicity of the platform which seduced me a lot.

Thank you, Nicolas and long live Sunrise to Sunset!