Spiderwebradio plays a variety of rock !

If you like rock, you’ll love Spiderwebradio ! This web radio was created in 2005 by Al Matchett in the United States; it continues to broadcast today through Shoutcast, with listeners in over 60 countries!

What’s its secret? Knowing how to skillfully blend all types of rock (alternative, modern, indie, classic rock), encouraging independent groups to send their titles while retaining a portion of the broadcast mainstream.

”We had a lot of success in the 2000s, our brand is well known,” explains Al. This radio station claims to offer a program that is unique and very original while remaining relevant while integrating the fundamentals of rock music. It’s clever and well thought out in terms of image as well as programming. The radio offers live shows every afternoon, and it is particularly appreciated by indie rock fans, where they finally have a station that caters to them.
 Al is particularly careful to point out that these groups are independent, taking the time to properly tag each track. He also gives the very simple advice to avoid programming titles with musical intros that are too long: “You need to avoid intros of more than 30 seconds: the listeners want to hear singing!” he says., “We also study the success of each title according to the number of seconds listened etc. This allows us to spot up-and-coming hits quickly.”
To expand his audience, Al places a lot of emphasis on being close to his listeners. “Thanks to social networks, we can promote everything that we broadcast, which is then shared by Indie Rock groups. We also give away goodies.” Spiderwebradio continues to rock the planet!