Soulside radio : a very elegant set of radios

This is the story of a music enthusiast who has always wanted to share his passion with the masses. John Soulpark (the nickname of this very charismatic Parisian) discovered Radionomy in the early 2010s.

He founded Beatwinus Radio, which broadcasts House Music! He’s also worked with many DJs. He almost quit when he started broadcasting with another provider which eventually went bankrupt back in 2013.
But in June of 2014 he caught the music bug again and launched Soulside Radio an elegant set of 3 radios, with a very distinct atmosphere; the Abonni Café (Lounge, Smooth / Acid Jazz and NeoSoul), the Beatwinus Bar (Deep, Groove & Soulful House) and the Allure Club (Funky, Jackin & Classic House music),all on one website with a free app (for IOS and Android), an online store and a strong presence on social networks thanks to Terry C, the other member of the team (DJ and Community Manager).
“I’m not sure if what I offer is unique. I would say that it’s the music I want to listen to at any time of the day and whatever my mood,” explains Soulpark. I strive to ensure that the tracks are diverse and that my program is not a copy of what already exists. “

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