Radio Decibelle, from FM Radio… in Shoutcast!

This web radio created by Hubert Chasles, alias Charly Rodgers, revives an 80’s FM station in Tours, France. Hubert moved his station to Shoutcast last week.

The passion for radio has no limits. It doesn’t matter how you broadcast it, as long as there’s good music and listeners! Hubert Chasles, Charly Rodgers on social networks and the radio, understood this well. Last week, he migrated Radio Decibelle from Radionomy to Shoutcast. Created in 1983 on FM, Radio Decibelle will therefore continue its life thanks to the world leader in audio streaming. Hubert took advantage of the free migration offer offered to Radionomy producers.

Hubert Chasles, aka Charly Rodgers, brings this 80’s FM radio back to life with Shoutcast

He will be able to devote himself even more to the developmenting his radio since at 61 years of age, Hubert is a (very young) retired man. “Now is the time to relaunch Radio Decibelle. I will have time to devote to it,” explains the man who now lives in Sauternes in Gironde and who will be able to monetize his audience thanks to Shoutcast.

“Radio Decibelle (the name references a song by Jean-Luc Lahaye) stopped in 1986. At the time, it broadcast a program that was 80% in French. On the digital version, the objective is the same: to offer a varied program and work on the sequences so that everything is done smoothly.”

The team will be strengthened with DJ’Yo who will offer new music programs while new live shows are planned. In short, the possibilities are endless!