Radio Caramba makes the Netherlands dance!

This web radio broadcasts Dutch party music! The music that the Dutch love to listen to when they celebrate. Eric Zwaan launched this programme in 2007 and Radio Caramba is still broadcast thanks to Radionomy. His secret? Probably be the only radio station to broadcast this type of music!

At the end of the 2000s, the Dutch party music (feestmuziek’ as we say in Dutch) became more and more popular. I thought, “why not create a radio station that only broadcasts this music,” explains Eric, who lives in Zoetermeer, in the south of the country, just outside The Hague. “Caramba is certainly a Spanish word,” he continues. But it is used in many songs in Dutch. The name sounds good, it is not too long, and it is easy to understand.

 Radio Caramba has a simple and unique format. We do not compete with large radio stations. In addition, we are well structured in terms of social networks, which allows us to attract a lot of listeners. Social networks are crucial today to promote your business.

Eric Zwaan is very enthusiastic about implementing his program. You have to work and love your radio. “Radio should be a passion, not a job! “, he concludes!