Radio Albatros Belgium relives with the web!

Jo Stevens relaunched in 2016 thanks to Radionomy this former Belgian FM radio station which broadcasts the sound of the 60s and 70s. It is a real success. He answered our questions.

Hello Jo, why see Radio Albatros Belgium created?

In 2016, I stopped my job as a banker. My passion has always been music and radio. Radio Albatros was an FM radio in existence since 1977, and we kept it. You don’t change a winning team.

Why is this radio unique ?

It is not only a radio but above all a community of listeners and musicians who have direct contact through radio. We are continually listening to listeners and musicians to find out what they want. We have a format (the 60s and 70s), but we are not stuck on it. If the sound is right, we play it. We also focus on offering unique and well-crafted jingles. We also pay attention to the stock rotation. I have two music trays for each hour of the day. The first week, I play tray 1, the second week I play tray 2 while I update tray 1.

How did you get the audience to grow?

We do a lot of promotions through social networks but also thanks to our T-Shirts in the colors of the radio. We are also present at many festivals, and we promote festivals on our website (

Thank you, Jo and long live Radio Albatros Belgium !