Point of view: What if audio came back for revenge against video?

Deliberately provocative, the question is asked by the expert Marco Bertozzi  in an article which can be found on campaignlive.co.uk. Reading through the article, it’s clear that audio advertising is making a comeback and that it will de-throne the highly coveted video advertising, contrary to the lyrics of the famous Buggles song (Video Killed The Video Star).Will the all mighty video be threatened by audio? Marco Bertozzi has good reason to believe that’s the case, for several reasons: First of all audio / radio is “out of focus” media, which allows you to multitask. “Audio is the only medium that can accompany you throughout the day,” says Bertozzi, explaining that the digitization of audio, voice-activated objects, podcasting, … facilitates a permanent proximity to the listener. 
Finally, audio advertising is now very effective. It simply gives better sales results than the averages of other sectors. Let it be known, in the years to come, audio (and therefore Internet radio) will have their say!