Podcast and online radio stronger than Facebook?

Online radio and podcast listening has never been so high in the United States, while… Facebook usage is down! This is what emerges from the recent study, The Infinite Dial, on the consumption of digital media in the United States.

The first good news for content producers and audio streaming is the good health of the podcast. Half of Americans 12 years of age and older say they have already listened to a podcast and one-third of them say they have listened to at least one in the past month. This is the ultimate proof that podcasting has become a common consumer medium.

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The second piece of good news concerns the ever-increasing consumption of online radio by American listeners. In 2019, 67% of them said they had listened to radio via digital media in the past month. A score that has almost doubled since 2011.

In addition, Americans are listening to online radio for longer and longer, with an average of nearly 17 hours per week, a new record. Online radio is more than ever anchored in the consumer habits of listeners in the United States.

Finally, as content and audio streaming progresses, Facebook is on the decline! The Infinite Dial estimates that the world’s leading social network has lost 15 million users in the US since 2017 (mainly among the youngest).

This proves the very good state of digital audio and allows you to be really confident for the coming years!