Our advice to attract new listeners

Gaining new listeners in 2019, in an increasingly competitive digital radio universe? Yes, it is of course possible. There is the technical part, the referencing of your feed on the platforms, the referencing of your site, the abundant and regular use of social networks. But we have already talked about all this on this blog for many years. In this article, here are some new tips on how to treat your audience. Shall we go?

Offer a unique experience to your listeners

The first rule to build an audience is to take care of its authenticity, its brand, its identity… Without content differentiation, without a unique music program, without an original concept, your web radio will find it difficult to stand out from the crowd and convince enough people to listen. On the other hand, if your radio station offers a unique experience, whether it is the music program, the tone of the hosts or just the name, it will arouse curiosity and therefore the audience.

Make the difference with the quality of its content

Like FM in the 1980s, web radio experienced a crazy period in the early 2010s when you could find a little bit of everything and anything. A necessary abundance for a young media that has now become much more mature. Today, as we have said, the listener is looking for originality, but also quality. Go up the scale, be precise about your information, choose your musical titles carefully! The auditors will inevitably be there.

Create a buzz without doing anything

Make the buzz okay, but not just randomly. Don’t climb Mont-Blanc PR operations can be effective if they are consistent with your radio. Set up operations with the artists you broadcast, do original, short and offbeat interviews, set up your microphone on a terrace in summer and get people talking… And you will probably find many other ideas even more original and adapted to your radio that will help you attract new listeners.

Make your listeners your first ambassadors

It’s an easy recipe to implement: highlight all the positive messages and testimonies that come from your listeners: re-tweet, share Facebook posts, mention the Instagram stories in which your listeners express themselves. Communicate on your scores in social networks (number of fans etc…). Your listeners are in the best position to talk about your radio and promote it to attract new ones.

Humanizing your radio

Web radios are not music taps and even less streaming services that work with an algorithm. Let it be known that your radio has been created, thought out, programmed by men and women. Show yourself, talk about the team, it will inevitably create a link and make your listeners loyal.

Help your listeners follow you everywhere to make your radio very accessible

Repeat as much as you can, on all your media platforms, sites, social networks, flyers and of course on the air, how we can listen to your radio. This is obvious, but to increase the number of your listeners, it makes it as easy as possible to access your feed

Keep an eye on the competition

As we said in the introduction, in the (increasingly smaller) world of digital radio, competition is fierce and new web radios are emerging every day. It is rather healthy and offers a permanent challenge. So watch out for the competition, know (if at all) how to steal good ideas from them when they exist and don’t be afraid to confront them. It is a good way to evolve and progress.

Monitor and analyze your audience closely

The factors that drive the audience are very numerous and sometimes escape us, depending on a good SEO lost or won, the number of listeners can be divided by two. But your content can also influence your audience in the short, medium and long term. Without being obsessed with the audience, hour by hour, be attentive and monitor its origin (player, referrer, country) to measure the impact of your programming.