Oriental Radio, exactly what its name suggests

Oriental Radio was created on August 8 by Nassim. This producer simply wanted “to be able to listen to (his) favorite music on a broadcasting platform. I knew about Radionomy from listening to radios that were created through this service. This then gave me the idea to create my own radio.

Without Radionomy, would there be a chance that this radio would have been created: “I don’t think I would have created my radio if Radionomy hadn’t existed,” explains Nassim. “It is the only platform that offers interesting services, including the main advantage, the possibility of programming your own radio online for free. The other services only offer a 15-day trial period.”

As for programming, the name of the radio clearly announces the theme with a program that includes the Orchestre National de Barbès, Samira Saïd, Julius Papp and Alabina.

 While it is still too early to talk about audience, the little-used radio niche and the wide variety of titles should enable this radio, available on radionomy.com, to win the loyalty of many listeners. To be continued and listened to!