OnlyHits J-Music: “J-Pop but not only!”

Every week, Vincent, a young student who lives in Bordeaux, France, carefully examines the Japanese charts. What is his objective? Don’t miss the latest novelty released in Japan in order to quickly add it to the Only Hits J-Music program, the web radio he created this year on Radionomy.

“I felt there was a demand to create a radio station on Japanese music for Europeans,” he explains. And for the moment, it’s working pretty well with between 60 and 90 listeners connected all the time. It is by sharing his radio on sites and forums related to Japanese culture that Vincent was able to increase the audience of radio that… not only broadcast J-Pop. 

“The goal of OnlyHit J-Music is to have mainly Japanese music, but not only Japanese music! I also rely a lot on what the Japanese listen to elsewhere. Because they don’t only listen to J-Pop! That’s why there are also tracks from the US and all over Asia,” Vincent explains, adding that he would never have created this web radio without Radionomy’s service: “Radionomy allows me to spend more time on programming than on rights management and it’s also free!”