Move Dance Radio, a radio for enthusiasts!

Marteen and Sanders are two Dutch DJs who are passionate about the music they play all over the Netherlands. It made sense for them to create a radio station. Thanks to Radionomy, they were able to launch Move Dance Radio seven years ago. By skillfully working on their communication on social networks, they have managed to gather a very loyal audience, seduced by the quality of a regularly renewed programming. 

“We were convinced that there was not a real good House/dance music station which played the finest Dance songs from lets say the 90’s until now, explains Marteen.”

“The wide variety of house songs. It goes from commercial EDM of today to tekno, minimalism, garage, soulfull house until the acid period from the end 80’s early 90’s. We only pick a selection of the best. Also before new songs are officially released you will probably here them on our station because we maintain a close relationship with our fellow DJ’s/producers which give us permission to play there new songs.

On Thursday its even more special since we only play DJ mixes on MoveDanceRadio. All the better songs in flowing DJ Mixes which can only be heard here! 24 hours long!”

In seven years, Sander and Marteen have learned to use the web radio and are not afraid to offer advice to other producers: 

“You constantly need to update and change your content or listeners will get bored. You lose them easily but it’s hard to get them back so never have a week moment with respect to that!” 

“Do things in which you believe. That also counts for music and the selection of music you play on your radio station. It will give you the energy to continue!”

“Try to be different. Avoid playing songs that other stations also play. You need to be special.”

An original and sophisticated program to discover quickly!