More American radio consumers than ever

Radio is the number one source of media in the United States! This is one of the essential details that emerge, from the latest Nielsen report for the first quarter of 2018, which gives more information about the audience from various media (radio, TV, Internet) through the entire American population.

Reaching 92% of the 18+ American population as a whole, the most influential form of media is radio is. It is ahead of television, historically a strong medium in the US, which “only” reaches 88% of the American population.

It indicates that radio, however it is consumed, is an active source of media for Americans. This also tends to prove that web radios, if they develop by asserting their identity and creating a link with the listener, have a significant role to play, particularly concerning streaming services.

Another striking figure from this report, American adults are in contact with a media (TV, radio, internet, video, etc…) for an average of 11 hours per day! They’re more media addicts than ever!