Modern radio only broadcasts remixed music!

Today we will meet Tommy, with his partner Anthony, also a student, created Modern radio last March. The concept is like no other: the radio only broadcasts remixes. It’s absolutely imposible to broadcast the original versions of the songs. A great way to stick out of the rest.

Hi Tommy, why did you create Modern Radio?

Anthony and I created Modern Radio, on March 6th, 2018 because we are huge fans of music, especially when it’s remixed. Our radio broadcasts remixed music; particularly those of recent hits. The tracks that we broadcast aren’t available to the public, our remixes are only available on our radio.

Would you have created this radio if Radionomy didn’t exist?

No, we’ve already had the opportunity to discover the radio universe (internships in FM radio stations) but the opportunity to have a free platform that allows everyone to create what they want has been the best way to start this new adventure.

How do you make your program?

Before we broadcast our remixes, we sort them by genre to have a coherent playlist. We’ve updated our music schedule; we are going to test it and listen to our listener’s feedback to and build on it.

Do you often add new remixes?

Yes, every week. We choose the genres that best correspond to the station and are relevant to the times (ex. summer songs) while having a good variety.

Are you in contact with your listeners?

It’s one of the most important aspects for me. We try to have the most amount of contact with our listeners (which for me is one of the most difficult things to do on a radio), It all goes through our server, Discord, where we interact with our listeners in order to retain our audience. We actively update our server and social media; this allows us to have a lot of feedback, it gives us the possibility to modify or undo changes that the majority of our audience dislike. Surveys, suggestions and our listener’s opinions are welcome we take all of these into consideration when making changes.

Good Job Tommy and thank you very much!