A thumbs up from Radionomy to professionalize US producers

Radionomy is now proposing to all its US producers the ability to migrate free and with ease to Shoutcast, the world leader in streaming. A new step in the professionalization of digital radios, which will make it easier for them to monetize their audience. Here are the details.

The revolution is underway, and it is called Shoutcast. A few days ago, all Radionomy producers in the US received a rather attractive proposal: to take advantage of the discontinuation of Radionomy service on May 31 in the United States to migrate their radio to Shoutcast. For them, it is a question of getting into the realm of professional web radio. Shoutcast is indeed the long-standing world leader in digital radio.

Besides, this migration to Shoutcast will be completely free and transparent for producers.

There is no need to invest in a server, let alone an automation system. No need to upload all the titles all over again either. In short, there is no need to “rebuild” your radio elsewhere. Shoutcast, like Radionomy, belongs to AudioValley, and in fact, owns the exact same RadioManager. Once their radio has migrated, producers will just need to log into their Shoutcast account to find their radio, music boxes, clocks, day templates, and schedules. Everything will be ready!

Shoutcast offers a premium professionnal service for radio producers. Shoutcast is therefore more complete, in terms of tools, than Radionomy.

Nor is it necessary to start referencing the stream again on the different platforms and directories: the Radionomy stream will sync directly to Shoutcast. Even better, Shoutcast will directly add the radio stream to more than a thousand partners. The best way to reach an ever-increasing audience.

But that’s not all! To encourage this migration, a one-year subscription to the Shoutcast For Business service will be offered! An original and quite attractive offer for producers, without commitment. Shoutcast for business is a premium offer that has proven its worth, a robust infrastructure and the possibility of greatly expanding its audience. Shoutcast does not manage broadcasting rights but generates revenue. The monetization of audiences is controlled and monitored in real time by the producer, with regular revenue transfers based on the actual number of impressions.

In other words, this spring 2019 is the opportunity or never for US producers to enter a new dimension. While digital radio has never generated so much audience and revenue and its potential is still far from being exploited, there is a real opportunity to seize!

Get free migration by logging into your Radionomy account