Listen to Jazz and Wine radio !

We got the chance to meet Filippo Testa, the Jazz and Wine Radio producer, a web radio dedicated to both of his passions, music… and wine !

If you ever get to go to Alcamo in Sicily maybe you can stay a few nights at Filippo’s farm that is also an Inn. This Sicilian will welcome you to his « agriturismo tanrantola di Alcamo » with open arms.
He will share his love for province along with music and wine. You will, without a doubt, talk about radio, since it’s been three years that he’s created Jazz and Wine radio on Radionomy “I had this project in mind for a long time. I am a jazz musician, I play the piano. 
“The purpose of this radio, as you can tell by its name, is to associate music and Sicilian wine making. I also take this opportunity to promote unknown artists. ” Both Italian and foreign tourists, who came to see me have become, over time, a chain of faithful listeners. My listeners love wine, music, travel and human interactions,” concludes Filippo Testa, whose radio is built in the middle of a vineyard and who cannot thank Radionomy enough for giving him the technical opportunity to satiate one of his passions!

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