Let’s hear everything on Cool Music Variety!

This web radio created in 2017 by Neale Sourna in the United States is a real example of success thanks to a very eclectic program. This web radio broadcasts classical music but also rap!

Neale Sourna defines himself as a creative person. We can only prove him right by listening to her radio. Because Cool Music Variety is undoubtedly one of the most eclectic radio stations in the world capable of switching from rap to opera, from industrial rock to country music, including film music, TV series, etc….

“I listened to a lot of radio stations announcing that they were programming all the music. But that was not true! Explains Neale. Cool Music Variety does not play all the music but tries to program the largest panel. Cool Music Variety tells a little bit about the history of music. We also broadcast Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, and even Purcell, 17th-century music! “

Neale’s main advice is “to like the music you play and listen to your radio every day. We also have to make sure we have a lot of titles, it’s a defect on some radio stations that always broadcast the same thing!

Created in 2017 on Radionomy, Cool Music Variety has since migrated to Shoutcast. And it has not finished pleasing its listeners.