John Labaum: “I love Radionomy”

After 50 years of radio career in the United States, John Labaum has converted to digital radio and manages eight stations on Radionomy. He shares his experience with us.

Bobby Kane and John Roberts, these are the two names John Labaum has used most frequently on the air during his 50 years of radio in the United States. Over these five decades, John has done just about everything on the radio, navigating from one format to another and in just about every time slot. He does not forget to remind us that in the beginning, he had to “queue up scratchy records on AM radio.”

Today John manages eight different radios on the website. Motown, Oldies, Country, Smooth Jazz,… there are multiple musical genres on these eight stations that you have to take the time to discover. “All of my stations are unique. I created all other formats, picked the music, wrote and produced the liners (with voices from the Voice Jungle site) and wrote all the verbiage of every station. I hope to show positive results of 50 years of my broadcasting career.

After starting web radio with live365 in the late 90s, John came to Radionomy. ” I love Radionomy! Their pointer system is the reason I can keep my stations so tight. Their service is unique in the industry and very much appreciated »

With his partner Kevin Waterman (who runs the websites and created the 9th radio station “The Cosmix Island”), John Labaum is pursuing his radio dream. He would be wrong to deprive himself of it!

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John in the 90s