Jazz Light’s Christmas programming will be on Shoutcast

The radio station created in France by Hervé Bedoch, which broadcasts all types of jazz, made its migration this weekend. It is, therefore, thanks to Shoutcast that the Christmas programming will be made possible.

A downpour of stars is expected once again this year for the numerous and loyal listeners of Jazz Light, this radio station which perfectly symbolizes “The Jazz Spirit” as its slogan states. Hervé Bedoch has devised an perfect schedule to keep us going until December 25. Preparatory work that was able to be done without difficulty despite the migration of Radionomy to Shoutcast. In one click, Hervé was able tp transfer all of his bins, clocks, day template and planning to the Shoutcast Radiomanager, without any changes. And he will be able to easily generate the schedules for this exceptional month of December.

At the end of the year, Jazz Light offers the most beautiful “jazzy” Christmas songs. The radio opens the doors of the jazz-pop scene to you with its selection of the most spectacular Christmas hits.

“Jazz Light takes you from the North Pole to our snow-covered mountains with Mariah Carey, Diana Krall, Ella Fitzgerald, Lady Gaga, Maroon 5, Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles and their most heart-warming Christmas melodies. “, says the radio in a press release.

A program set up starting from the 1st sunday in December.