Jamendo Licensing’s music streams : how to use it ?

As you may have read on the forum, a completely new option has been added on RadioManager, there is a new muscial stream that offers thousands of tracks, this feature is proposed by Jamendo Licensing, Radionomy’s sister company. The objective ? It allows you to enrich your program with independant artists and new talent, all of which allows the latter to new exposure. To learn more about this new option by RadioManager and how to use it, read this article !


What is Jamendo Licensing ? 
Jamendo is first of all a meeting place for muscians and those who are passionate about music from all over the world. Jamendo Liscensing answers a very specific question : that of thousands of professionals which need music on a daily basis for specific projects but have a hard time with the licensing proceedures for these projects. Jamendo Liscensing was created to meet the needs of anyone seeking any style of music for immediate use in a film, TV program, advertisement, online video or background music commercially; There are a variety of genres of music at a reasonable price and with all the rights included. Through this use of their works, artists have a new source of income while having more exposure. Sister companies Jamendo Licensing and Radionomy have teamed up to offer a selection of these works to webradio producers.
What kind of music do these new music streams offer? 
There’s something for everyone from Pop Rock to Classic, World, Britpop and more. More than 20 streams are proposed.
What is a music stream? 
We can compare it to a music box since it is possible to program it directly in a clock. The only difference is that it updated regularly by our team of programmers in order to renew the programming. Furthermore, it is not possible for a producer to modify the contents of the program.
How do I access it ? 
You can either use the Radio Manager advance search engine and filter accordingly, or you can click on the category « Music » found on the left hand column of your planner (or under this category in the Audio home page), by default you will see the list of all the music boxes that have been created. To access the Radionomy streams click on the link « Radionomy Streams » then click on « see all » to display the Radionomy Streams that are available.
Can we create our own music boxes from tracks propsed by Jamendo ? 
Of course ! Every Radionomy music stream can be accesed by clicking on the name. It appears as a box where you can select the titles you want and drag them to the desired music Box. How do I program the tracks in Radio Manager ? You can use the tracks available through Jamendo in your music boxes as indicated above. You will also find the Radionomy streams that you are subscribed to under the tab « clocks ». You also have the possibilty to add a stream directly to all of your clocks.
At what pace should I program ?
These music streams are a great complement to your basic tracks. Programming one or two tracks per hour is the best solution. The use of Radionomy streams in your program is optional, however as part of the promotion of up and coming artists and to reduce broadcasting costs, as of May 15th 2018, Radionomy will insert a Jamendo track. The track will be chosen from the musical genre closest to your radio, it will be played every 3 hours in sync to your schedule (it accounts for about 2% of your program), only if none of these tracks were in the schedule within the last 3 hours.
How to chose the Jamendo tracks for your schedule ? 
It’s quite simple, thanks to the small orange Jamendo icon that is displayed next to the track in your schedule.
How does this become an asset for your radio ? 
More than ever, standing out has become very important in web radio. Not broadcasting the same music and playlists as the other radios will help differentiate you. Web radio’s success is based on their ability to propose something different. Independent artists and new talent that broadcast their music through Jamendo allow you to offer a unique and diverse selection of music. There are real treasures, learn how to find them! In short, it is a great asset for your radio.