Inna: “All World Hits broadcasts hits from all over the world”

The music never leaves Inna. This 28-year-old caretaker lives in Valence in the Drôme region of France. Passionate about hits from all over the world, she launched All World Hits in April. She tells us everything in this interview.

Hello Inna, why did you create your radio?

I thought it was a pity that no radio station gathers hits from all countries, old and new. All World Hits allows you to share old and new hits from different countries. Listeners discover different music that is successful somewhere on the planet.

I met Radionomy when I was looking for a radio station that played Korean music. For a while, I listened to this radio but I thought it would be nice to hear music from several countries as well. That’s how I decided to launch myself on Radionomy in April.

Would you have created this radio without Radionomy?

No, because I had no intention of putting money into a radio. Radionomy gave me my chance and I thank them for it.

Tell me more about the concept…

I chose the name All World Hits because it corresponds directly to the concept of radio. It is about the diffusion of varied music, hits from all over the world, songs that listeners would not have had the chance to know without extensive research. My radio includes songs of all genres: rap, rock, pop, dance, romance, variety, soundtracks of films and series, oldies; but also hits from all countries: Italy, France, Spain, Japan, USA, Brazil, South Korea…

I try to make a selection that is not repetitive, and especially very varied. I balance the broadcasting of countries.

Can you name three artists who most symbolize your musical program?

As a French artist (since I am French), I choose without hesitation Johnny Hallyday who is a complete artist who has touched many different genres. It affects several generations and has been renewed throughout his career.

As a universal artist, my choice is Chris Brown and Ariana Grande. They are artists known all over the world, very talented and of various genres. Ariana has an exceptional voice and a very large repertoire that appeals to the most difficult listeners.

And to finish my selection of artists, I will choose a group of Korean artists because the K-pop wave is becoming world-famous. It is VIXX. The K-pop artists work their voices with determination, which gives high-quality performances.

How much time do you spend managing your radio every week?

I spend time every day on my radio when I have some quiet time after work. It is usually in the evening or on weekends. Is it often more than an hour a day?

How did you create your website? Via which platform?

I only use the site proposed by Radionomy, as well as a Facebook page with the radio’s logo and a Twitter account.

How is your radio’s audience curve changing?

At first, the radio took a long time to take off, but today the audience has grown. Most of the daily listeners are located in France and Germany. But at the moment several South American countries are beginning to become loyal listeners. I also have auditors from Macau, Hong Kong, and Norway at the moment.