Increase the audience with Instagram Story

It is the most comprehensive and useful social network in the world. Instagram, which was initially used to share beautiful images, has evolved over the years to become a very complete social media. Video, live, story, interactivity, everything is possible on “Insta,” and your radio would be wrong not to enjoy it.

We had already talked a lot about Instagram in a previous article.  In this article, we will talk specifically about the Stories and see how they can become a real ally in building your audience. What types of content? When and how to publish them? How to turn your Instagram subscribers into auditors? We’re talking about it here.

 What content?

An Instagram story is temporary content (online for 24 hours and which then is deleted). This allows you to “unleash” a little, to propose photos, videos, or entirely offbeat messages, to build loyalty among your subscribers. The objective? Create engaging content, in line with your radio’s theme to make your community react and build loyalty around your brand.

Here are some story ideas (which can take the form of photos, videos, or live) that you can publish on your radio’s Instagram account.

  •     Behind the scenes of your radio (studio, meeting between hosts, reports…).
  •     Announcements of your flagship programs (through a coherent text or illustration) or a musical novelty is integrating the playlist.
  •     Behind the scenes and excerpts from the concert of a leading artist on your radio.
  •     Photos/videos corresponding to the lifestyle mentioned by your radio (relaxation, sport, dance, energy, classical music…)
  •     Quotes from (or about) your leading artists. There are many of them, and this often encourages users to share.
  •     The recovery of user-generated content (there is nothing like highlighting one of your subscribers who has advantageously cited you).

When should they be published?

Don’t rely on studies, often very specific, that give Instagram audience peaks. Post when it seems appropriate and as often as possible when the photo/video is taken. Give priority to snapshots over overly calculated programming.

Feel free, by the way, to make your radio account a pro account, it only takes a few clicks. This makes it possible to obtain many interesting statistics.

How to transform your Insta subscribers into auditors?

Even if it is not possible (except to have more than 10,000 followers) to add a link directly in a Story, nothing prevents you from regularly writing in your stories the name of your site or the platforms where you can listen to your radio. Don’t hesitate either, on your side, to engage in conversations with your subscribers, ask questions, launch surveys (all these options are easy to implement), in short, to play the interactivity card. Instagram is a significant asset for that.  A radio station that is close to its listeners is necessarily a good radio station!