How to make a successful mobile application for your radio?

The figures speak for themselves: more than two-thirds of web consumption is via mobile phones. The phenomenon is not new and tends to increase every year. Your radio must, therefore, be attentive to its presence on the various operating systems for smartphones and tablets. How to make a success of your app? How much does it cost? We have selected three service providers specializing in mobile radio applications.

  1  Look Something: an attractive price

The two-minute video details all the possibilities offered by Look Something, a serious service that has proven its worth for many years. The interest of this Greek service provider is to provide both à la carte and affordable rates. With a call price of 130 euros per year and for all three operating systems (Ios, Android, and Windows), the service is attractive. You can also choose a single operating system for only 50 euros per year. Interesting for basic service at a lower cost.

2 Crowdradio: more complete but more expensive

With, whose offices are based in Erfurt, Germany, the subscription becomes monthly, even for the basic service. The first price is 29 euros per month (with an offer at 499 euros for 24 months) for a service that is finally quite equivalent to that of Look Something, which remains the most competitive if you just want a basic application. On the other hand, crowd radio offers a complete and very professional service to those who can afford it. Some major radio stations such as WDR2 have chosen it as their service provider.

3 Nobex: the reference

The time when Nobex offered its users the free creation of an application for their web radio is unfortunately over! But at least, this policy of open access in the first years has allowed this service provider specialized in radio applications since its inception to develop its reputation and become a reference in this field with more than 5000 radios that have trusted it. If the basic rate is too high (45 US dollars per month), the pro plan offers 90 dollars per month is undoubtedly an excellent quality/price ratio. It’s expensive, but the service is there. However, don’t hesitate to take advantage of the free trial!