How to calculate the average listening time of your subscribers ?

On average how much time does the listener stay on your channel? What is the average length of every session?

The quickstats tab on Radiomanager allows you to find these figures very easily.
Here is how you do it:   Take the duration of total listens of your radio over a period of time (here is the last 30 days).
In the example below the number is 84,583 hours.  Take the total number of accesses.
For this example it will be 82,926 hours.  Divide the number of hours by the number of accesses and multiply them by 60 years:  (84583/82926) x 60 = 61,2 minutes per session
This radio station has an average of 61,20 min listening time per session (that’s a very good score).
It can be very interesting to see how this monthly figure evolves overtime (over the coure of 1 year for example) to see if your listeners remain connected to your radio for a longer period of time (or less time).
And you, what are your figures?