How to broadcast your podcasts with the RadioManager

The figures prove it: podcasting is nowadays an audio format that is well established in consumer habits. But if the podcast is consumed alone, on demand, it is also possible to program it on your radio as a broadcast. And for that, the RadioManager is especially practical. In essence, you just have to choose the time of broadcast of your podcast (by positioning your podcast tray on the day template).

Then, you will have to determine the order in which all the elements contained in your podcast box will be broadcast. By default, it will be the last upload that will be broadcast if you choose “always the most recent”. With each new upload of a podcast in the series, this last upload will be broadcast at the time chosen on your Day Templates without you having to do anything else.

Here is an excerpt from the RadioManager user guide that shows the different choices of possible podcast order in a tray.

Random: The soundtrack will be broadcasted at random

Ascending: The last Podcast you have imported to the Radio Manager will be broadcasted first, then the second and so on, in order of appearance

Descending: Opposite to the order mentioned above

Always last: This feature can be used in particular in the context of news flashes updated several times throughout the day

Episode: The Podcast that appears on top of the Box list will be the first to be broadcasted, then the one that appears second and so on. You can move the Podcasts in this Box to specify their order. This allows you to determine the order of the segments of a broadcast program if it is divided into several parts.

Episode Descending: Opposite to the order mentioned above

Descending episode: the opposite of the above

You can also set a validity date and time or make it “always valid” by editing your Soundtrack podcasts.

You can obviously choose an intro and an extro for your podcast, by editing your podcast tray.

Finally, it should be remembered that the maximum duration of a podcast is 15 minutes. Good broadcating!