”Geek station, a new universe”

Below you will read Mattéo’s interview, a teenager that is passionate about radio, he lives near Compiegne, in the Oise department. He created Geekstation while in high school. The radio station which is only managed by high school and middle school students.

Why did you start GeekStation ?

I started my radio station because I was aware of one that was already created on Radionomy (Picardie Hits) and i wanted to have my own radio experience. I created GeekStation in May, 2016.

What is the concept?

GeekStation is a webradio only led by the high school and middle school students of Compiègne. Today we are considered a junior association (a legal associative status in France for the youth, ranging from 11 to 18 years old). I am fascinated by the “geek” world, such as cinema, video games, new technologies and innovation. I created the GeekStation by merging both names. Our featured broadcast is Geekparty which we transmit every Friday at 7pm, we talk about the current events in the geek community (video games, new technology…)

What type of music do you play ?

Pop, funk, rock, electro music, dance, rap…every genre has their place. On GeekStation we play  from MC Solaar, which represents rap, to imagine Dragons for rock and Shanguy for electro music. I also use podcasts that are available in Radiomanager (informative cinema, flash info) or shows such as Fan de Funk or Top Tonic. I’m in permanent contact with my listeneners through my facebook page via private messaging, I use this one on one contact to improve my programs to meet their expectations. I listen to their suggestions.

How much time do you spend on your station each week ?

On average, I spend 4-5 hours a week uploading the weekly program. I built my own website using wordpress (www.geekstation.fr), as of today my site has had more than 40,000 visitors. On the website we also share general information, mostly about the city of Compiègne where we are based.

In the near future I am going to launch an international communication operation to gain notoriaity

Thank you, goodluck Matteo !