Freak Radio; authentic rock

Over the past seven years on Radionomy, The Freak Radio, from Drogheda, Ireland, has been offering quality rock music to its listeners around the world in this article we will discover it a little more.

The radio was created by Mick Reade and Sandra McKeever, both of whom have extensive experience in the Dublin, London and Copenhagen music scenes. Eager to share their passion, they created The Freak Radio in 2011, the objective being to broadcast the best of rock music from the last 50 years with a real alternative flair. The radio producers explain that they love music and radio as well. They wanted to create something they couldn’t find anywhere else; the radio that plays music they love.

“We were playing all of this great music at home and it didn’t appear to be available anywhere else, so we decided to share it,” said Mick. “This type of radio is not typically available because it formats alternative and rock music from across the entire spectrum,” says Sandra “If you listen to us, you are not just a punk or a rocker or a hippie. You are a music fan, a fan of all sorts of music!” she said.

 Indeed, when you hear Led Zeppelin followed by the Dead Kennedys, Neil Young and Nirvana, you understand the eclecticism of such a station. If you were wondering where the name “The Freak” came from. Simply because folk singer Arlo Guthrie called the crowd that attended the Woodstock concert in 1969 “a lot of freaks”. (monsters or madmen in English). “Anyway we are freaks, playing music for freaks,” said Sandra. “People love the authenticity of the radio station. The Freak makes no apologies for the diversity of its music.”

An original format, a free spirit without musical borders that is undoubtedly the reason for such great success.