Festiv’ALL : the radio for all the belgian festivals !

After spring Break radio’s success a few weeks ago, Radionomy has decided to launch a new digital radio, this time it’s dedicated to the Belgian summer festivals. This program I 100% live… it’s called Festiv’ALL radio.

“The objective is for those that will be present at all of the summer festivals to be able to have a quick and pleasant listen; and who knows maybe make you want to go to a festival at the last minute because you have discovered an artist while listening to Festiv’All”, explains Laurent Duplat, audio producer at Radionomy.

How are the programs made? “First and foremost we collaborated with Neyder, one of the most dynamic festivals in Belgium, responds Laurent Duplat. Next, we went through all of the summer festival posters in order to create a complete program of artists that will be present this year, but most of all to use live recordings. This will give the public the best idea you can expect from the different Belgian stages. “

Still, it’s not easy to have all of these styles of music coexist under one station. “That’s the challenge covering all of the music spectrums; we have to be able to create the most pleasant program possible, yet integrating an element of surprise by introducing an unknown group or artist which has been the reaction of our first test group to listen,” says Laurent.

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