Dream Zapping on the Radionomy app!

If there is an ultra-complete application for listening to the radio on your smartphone, it is Radionomy’s!

Available on all platforms, it now offers real fluidity (subject to a good connection) and makes it possible to listen to almost all possible radios, from the smallest radio stations recently created on Radionomy to traditional, regional and national programs from different countries.

In other words, at a time when music and audio content consumption is beating records on the smartphone, this application, which is one of the few to bring together such a variety of programs in one place, is now more than ever to be recommended to your listeners. Especially since it is also where they will be able to listen to your radio very easily.

On the Radionomy application, simple, basic and effective, the registered listener will be able to set up his panel of favorite radios (by clicking on the heart), which will always reappear on the home page each time he/she is on the app. 

The grieving spirits will reply that advising his listeners such an application could push them to infidelity, to go and put their ears elsewhere! Don’t worry, they didn’t wait for you for that! Today, the listener is constantly switching from track to track, from radio to radio. The Radionomy application, which puts the radios created on its platform first and foremost, is an excellent way to retain and create loyalty!

Let’s not kid ourselves, your listeners don’t ONLY listen to your radio, but if you allow them to easily listen to others, they will come back to you all the more easily!