Don’t forget about world music day !

June 21st is world music day! If there is one day out of the year when your radio should offer a special program it’s on June 21st. World music day has become a kind of institution. If you have a music radio you should celebrate this day. How can I celebrate? Here are our 3 ideas.

-A special program

Would you like to pay homage to an artist that has passed away? An artist that has made a name for him or herself this year? A group that will have a concert in a city near you? Don’t hesitate to program it, and get the word out! Use world music day as an excuse to shake things up.

-A partnership

Why not use world music day as an opportunity to create a partnership with a place, artist or group? June 21st is celebrated by many artists throughout the world, link up with them! Put it on air and showcase it! You’ll step into your role as producer and impress your audience.

-Social media giveaway

You can use June 21st as a good excuse to organize different giveaways on facebook or twitter. Have your followers vote for artist of the year, album of the year, song of the year etc…reward your listeners, they will, in turn become loyal followers.