Digital audio and webradio: ten trends for 2019

Here we are in 2019! Needless to say, digital audio in general and our webradios, in particular, will continue to evolve this year, regarding content but also regarding form, with the development of podcasts and connected speakers. Here are ten trends to follow in 2019, a year that promises to be exciting for digital audio, between technological innovation, diversity of product offering and growth of potential listeners. There’s a good reason to be optimistic!

 Podcasts will continue to grow

It was booming in 2018 and will continue to grow in 2019. Podcasting, audio content that can be listened to on any medium, is one of the driving forces behind the current development of digital audio. An essential complement to your audio program, it is also increasingly easy to monetize it over time. Offering your programs in podcasts is almost an obligation in 2019.

For more information, read our tips on creating podcasts.

Live music is always at its best!

While the music industry has undergone a profound digital transformation in the last two years, gradually shifting from physical media to digital radio and streaming, concerts have continued to be just as successful. Live music is doing well, in large and small venues alike, thanks to a less expensive marketing campaigns carried by social networks and, above all, to the creativity of artists. In other words, talking about the current events of your musical niche, inviting artists, broadcasting concert excerpts, having ticket giveaways… etc  All this can only be beneficial to your radio.

Towards more and more advanced webradios

More than ever, with the increase in the digital market, having a well-identified and specialized music niche is more than necessary to have a winning web radio project. This was already true ten years ago, but it is even more so today. Choose a niche, choose a target and develop it. This forces you to do a little marketing but it is nowadays essential, general music formats, which are having more and more trouble in FM, do not really have their place on the digital world

Vinyl remains very strong

Nostalgia, when you hold us! While the world of music is very digitalized, vinyl is a beautiful anomaly. If the CD has collapsed, the vinyl has risen again in recent years and consumers have once again equipped themselves with turntables! Oh, that cracking sound. Some FM radios (such as Nostalgie) or digital radios (Vinyle Rock on Radionomy) have long understood this and are broadcasting real vinyls. A trend to be exploited again in 2019. 

More than ever, independent artists and producers have their place here

No more major labels channeling the music market with a few mainstream artists! Perhaps this year, independent artists and producers will have their place in the music market and therefore on your radios. Social networks, Youtube in particular (which gives more and more importance to music), make it easier to promote them. But it is up to the radio stations and the programmers that we are “to editorialize” all of this, to make choices, more or less strong title rotations, interviews, highlights on the website, the radio application, etc…. A crucial role to play in 2019.

Radios to forget the stress

It is a trend and a need that is increasingly expressed: how to reduce stress? How to improve your well-being? How to fall asleep better? In an “overconnected” life, our listeners are looking for relaxing programs, meditation assistance. Chill out music, help with rest, disconnection… all these themes will be strong in 2019, in terms of music programming and talk. It is up to you to exploit them.

Sustainable development is an unavoidable theme

No one is asking you to create a radio station on ecology, global warming or waste sorting! But keep these worrying themes in mind when you think about your partnerships, your promotions, and your communication. In 2019 more than ever before, be a positive radio station by integrating these topics. For example, highlight artists involved in these causes.

Video will be the primary medium for promotion

Has the author of these lines lost his mind? We do radio here, not picture! However, a video will be even more useful in 2019 than before as a means of communication. Have fun making some promotional videos for your social networks and your site. Editing is becoming easier and easier, and images shot with a smartphone are of excellent quality. Keep it short (between 30 seconds and 1 minute) and convey a simple message.

Instagram will be the social network to work on

“Instagram is becoming the number one social network for brands that want to interact with their community,” said Yuval Ben-Itzhak, CEO of Socialbakers. “In absolute terms, commitments with brands on Instagram are much higher than on Facebook, despite a much smaller audience size. “If you only choose one social network in 2019, it should be Instagram! Close to its users and positive, Instagram is a wonderful tool to develop a community around your radio.